Business Services

Next Step Solutions offers a variety of services to suit the dynamic needs of todays fitness facilities and businesses – ranging from independent professionals to multi facility corporations. We believe that each fitness business is unique and deserves only the highest level of personalized, focused attention.

Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy Business Strategy

Whether you are a new facility or business looking to build and execute a successful business model, or an established facility or business looking to analyze and improve your current  business and performance, understanding your business and planning for success is critical.

Our services include:

  • Creating and managing budgets and forecasts
  • P and L reporting and analysis
  • Setting and implementing performance goals
  • Developing action plans
Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy  Revenue Growth

Productive revenue centers are a fundamental requirement for a healthy business and provide the opportunities for your fitness business to evolve. Identifying and maximizing new opportunities to grow revenue while continually evaluating and keeping current offerings productive will ensure your business potential is being fulfilled.

Our Services Include:

  • Identifying and analyzing KPI’s
  • Designing and introducing products and programs
  • Planning services and pricing
  • Creating promotions and incentives
Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy Operations

Time is your most precious resource and your operations should be effective enough to meet all the needs of your fitness business and efficient enough to not add an unnecessary burden to anyones schedule. Evaluating your operations is an ongoing process for any owner or operator.

Our services include:

  • Analyzing fitness operations
  • Designing and creating operational structure
  • Planning and implementing operational systems
  • Developing operational SOP’s
Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy Equipment and Layout

Creating the right environment to provide your programming and meet the needs of your fitness clients requires a vision and the know-how to execute on that vision.  A well laid out and equipped fitness area should become part of your business identity.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating current fitness areas
  • Creating and developing the vision
  • Planning and facilitating layouts
  • Selecting equipment and coordinating vendors
Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy Talent and Team Building

Engaged, productive team members are critical to the success of any business and are also one of your largest expenses. Building a well thought out system to attract and retain the right talent will provide your business with the consistent delivery of the intended client experience.

Our services include:

  • Assessing and evaluating team members
  • Structuring compensation and employee satisfaction programs
  • Developing training and education
  • Planning talent acquisition and coaching success

Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy Culture and Mission

At the heart of every successful fitness business is a purpose or a mission that should be understood and embraced by every member of the team. This universal understanding forms the basis for your company culture.

Our services include:

  • Analyzing and evaluating current culture
  • Developing mission, vision and values
  • Designing cultural education and communication strategy
  • Creating new hire on boarding strategy

These are just some of the services that Next Step Solutions can offer your business. We are more than happy to discuss specific requirements on an individual basis and provide customized services to meet specific needs.