About Us


Next Step Solutions provides customized consultation services to fitness facilities and fitness business owners and operators. Our services are specifically tailored to meet fitness strategy and operational needs and can be customized and scaled to suit a wide range of entities, from an independent professional all the way up to a multi-facility corporation.

Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy Core Beliefs

At our core we believe that health, fitness and wellness are crucial components of an individuals freedom – that the quality of health, fitness and wellness directly impact the opportunity people have to live the kind of life they want. The better an individuals health, fitness and wellness, the more choices they have and the more likely they can live the life they want, rather than the life they have to.

We believe that health, fitness and wellness facilities and businesses provide vital amenities, services and products to their communities and the population at large and should have access to the expertise they need to flourish.

Next-Step-Solutions_Compass copy Founder

Next Step Solutions was founded by Kelvin Everitt, a 15 year veteran of the fitness industry who has successfully led fitness operations from client facing departments to the executive level with various organizations including Equinox, Reebok Sports Club/NY and Sports Club/LA. 

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Passionate and progressive Kelvin is well versed in strategic planning, business development, driving performance & coaching talent. He is a dynamic consumer of fitness, attuned to industry trends and is a champion of the business evolution needed to meet the demands of a rapidly changing fitness landscape.

Kelvin has built a unique network of experts and professionals which allows Next Step Solutions to provide customized services of the highest quality.

Originally from the UK, Kelvin made the US his home back in 2005 when he married his beloved Jill. They now reside in Virginia with their daughter Finley and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her sister, due in October.